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Second International
Workshop on Granulation

22-25 June 2004
The University of Sheffield



Industrial Centre of Particle Science & Engineering
Universities of Leeds & Sheffield

The Industrial Centre of Particle Science & Engineering was formed in July 2003 and is part of a regional programme, funded by Yorkshire Forward, to establish Centres of Industrial Collaboration at Universities in the Yorkshire Region.

The aim of the Centre is to be a 'One-Stop-Shop' for particle and colloid engineering with the specific remit to work closely with industry and in particular Small to Medium Enterprises.

The core services offered by ICPSE are:

Particle characterisation services

For further information please contact:

Dr Simon Lawson, Commercial Manager

Houldsworth Building, University of Leeds, Leeds. LS2 9JT. UK

Tel.: 0113 3432376

Fax.: 0113 3432377



Merrow Scientific is a UK supplier of the following scientific instrumentation and process equipment:

- Physical properties testing systems
- Powder flow analysers (ASTM std D6682)
- In-line viscometers
- Bulk solids handling equipment including screw feeders, vacuum loading systems, mixers, silo discharge devices, storage systems, and coolers
- Moisture analysers

For further details contact Merrow Scientific or visit

Tel: (+44) (0) 1483 457066    E-mail:

Micromeritics has more than forty years experience in providing innovative products to the particle technology marketplace, we have technical sales and service representatives in over sixty locations worldwide. Micromeritics extensive line of scientific instruments is applicable to a broad range of industries and academia that require physical characterisation of solids and powders. At Sheffield we will have with us the Saturn DigiSizer 5200; this next generation laser diffractometer uses digital technology and a patented optical design to provide exceptional levels of resolution, accuracy and reproducibility.

Please come and visit us, let us show you what our technology can do for you by way of a free sample analysis.

Visit us on the net at

Particle Size     Surface Area      Porosimetry      Density    Chemisorption


Pro-C-epT offers the market a complementary process equipment range used for 'small scale' (re)-formulation development, scale-up, clinical trials, drying kinetic studies and Nutsche filter drying of powders, granules, pellets, creams, ointments and gels in the Pharmaceutical and Fine Chemical Industries.

The Pro-C-epT range covers many processes; granulation (high shear wet/melt & fluidbed), pelletisation (high shear wet/melt), coating (fluidbed wet/melt), drying (spraydrying, fluidbed, Nutsche filter, microwave and vacuum) and semi-solid mixing (high flow/low shear homogenisation and gelification).

The very strong market penetration of the Pro-C-epT equipment could be realised by the continuous focus on and understanding of the developer's needs, translated in high performance development tools and based on an in-house engineering, manufacturing, qualification and after sales support.

For further details visit


Quantachrome is the name associated worldwide with the most advanced solutions to particle characterisation needs. We provide instruments for the measurements of surface area, porosity, density, water adsorption and chemisorption studies

To compliment our range in the UK we offer Cilas laser diffraction particle size analysers and Dispersion Technology Acoustic/Electroacoustic Spectrometers for particle size and zeta potential measurements of colloidal systems.

Quantachrome UK Ltd
Pale Lane,
Hartley Wintney,
Hook RG27 8DH

tel: (44) 01252 819 719, fax: 01252 819 901

Scientific & Medical Products specialises in supplying innovative techniques for characterising the physicochemical properties of particulate and colloidal materials. These include the Dynamic Vapour Sorption (DVS) and Inverse Gas Chromatography (IGC) systems for sorption and surface chemistry studies, the AcoustoSizer and Zeta Probe instruments for particle size and zeta potential measurement of concentrated colloidal dispersions, and a novel Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM-D) for studying surface interactions/electrochemistry. The Company also provides supercritical processing systems for particle formation and extraction and a range of automated tensiometers for surface tension and interfacial chemistry measurements.

Manufacturers represented include Colloidal Dynamics, Surface Measurement Systems, Thar Technologies, Q-Sense, IT Concept, Kibron, Gamry and Parr.


Andrew Graham
Scientific & Medical Products Ltd.
Shirley House
12 Gatley Road
Cheshire SK8 1PY
T. (0)161-491-3068
F. (0)161-428-7521


Stable Micro Systems is renowned globally as a provider of high-quality instruments for repeatable, objective measurement of the physical properties of many materials. Our instruments are used routinely in research, product development and quality assessment of foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, textiles and adhesives. Our latest innovations include a system for measuring the acoustic output of brittle materials. The TA.XTplus Texture Analyser can also measure the hardness of granules or micro spheres and tablet disintegration.


Particle Products GroupThe course will be hosted by the Particle Products Group at The University of Sheffield
The group is also hosting in 2003: